5 Factors to Confirm from Your Tech Vendor Besides the Tech Solution

  • Team Oxvsys
  • Dec 9, 2023
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Planning for a Cloud ERP implementation? Here are five vital deliverables you should ensure your tech vendor provides for a robust, future-proof project. 

1. Robust Project Planning and Reporting Systems 

 Ensure your tech vendor has a proper system in place to track project planning and reporting.

Clear monitoring of milestones and progress keeps the project on track.  

2. Comprehensive System Documentation, Especially API and Database 

Insist on comprehensive system documentation, including API and database details. These are crucial for maintaining a complex system and aiding future development. 

3. Effective Crash Report Monitoring Tools and Security Measures 

 Verify that your vendor utilizes monitoring tools like Sentry for crash reports, Django Silk for performance bottlenecks, and robust security auditing tools for maintaining system integrity. 

4. Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Licensing Details 

 Ensure clear SLA terms for both development and maintenance, usually a percentage of the total project cost. Additionally, request a disclosure of all third-party licenses obtained on your behalf. 

5. Data Migration Policy and Future System Migration Plans 

Lastly, request a well-defined data migration policy for any future system transitions. This ensures a smooth shift should the need arise. 

These deliverables are vital for a resilient, robust, and easily maintainable IT project. They fortify your Cloud ERP implementation for the future.

Remember, there are additional considerations like coding standards and scalability planning, which we can explore another time. 

Make sure to secure these deliverables for a successful Cloud ERP implementation. Stay ahead in the tech game! 

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