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is a term for software applications where human input is minimized. This includes Business process management (BPM), Robotic process automation (RPA), IT automation, personal applications such as Home automation, and more.

Basic Automation

At the most basic, software automation is designed to turn repeatable, recurring tasks into automated actions. Business process management (BPM) and Robotic process automation (RPA) are types of basic automation.

Business process management

Business process management (BPM), as defined by Gartner, employs methods to discover, model, analyze, measure, improve and optimize business strategy and processes. While it is sometimes confused with task and project management, its scope is broader than these adjacent topics.

Task management focuses on individual tasks whereas BPM observes the whole end-to-end process. Project management refers to a one-time scope of work while BPM focuses specifically on processes that are repeatable. Through continuous process reengineering, organizations can streamline their overall workflows, leading to increased efficiencies and cost savings. This concept isn’t new; six sigma and lean principles are examples of BPM methodologies.

Business process management benefits

🟒Increased efficiency and cost savings

🟒Enhanced employee and customer experience

🟒More scalable processes

🟒Greater transparency

Where we can apply Business process management

🟒Customer service


🟒Human resources


Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA), also known as software robotics, uses automation technologies to mimic back-office tasks of human workers, such as extracting data, filling in forms, moving files, et cetera. It combines APIs and user interface (UI) interactions to integrate and perform repetitive tasks between enterprise and productivity applications. By deploying scripts that emulate human processes, RPA tools complete the autonomous execution of various activities and transactions across unrelated software systems.

Robotic Process Automation benefits

🟒Rapid cost savings

🟒Higher customer satisfaction

🟒Better accuracy and compliance

🟒Existing systems remain in place

🟒Improved employee morale

Where we can apply Business process management

🟒Supply chain





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