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We have the resources and expertise to inspire confidence , no matter the size of your business or scope of your project.


Who we are ?

Oxvsys was born virtually in 2016 itself when we brought the domain oxvsys.com.

We have shown commendable progress in our domain (Fintech), and now we are finally here to expand our firm and get a much stronger hold in this shark pool.

Here at Oxvsys, we create autonomous infrastructure and scalable solutions for modern word problems.

Oxvsys is a combination of alphabets which have a hidden meaning. Ox (the Bull) is the symbol of strength which indeed depicts the robustness of the company. Letter V stands for Virtual and Sys is the shortform of system, so when we combine these three Ox-V-Sys stands for Strongest Virtual System.

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We are Oxvsys provides many services like software based automation, excel automation, cross platform development.

Software Automation

Automate your Internal Software Workflow

Progressive Web App

How PWA can boost your reach across platform

Minimum Viable Product

Understand What Is Minimum Viable Product

Content Management System

Manage all your business from one single Web App

Warehouse Budgeting

Critical Budgeting Services and Tools ready to use

Excel Automation

Custom Excel workflow automation

Work Process

How do we work ?

How systematic approach will ensure high quality software development

Discussion & Planning

During the discussion phase, we identify the project requirements or project scope based on analysis from the client.


We employ best strategy to solve your automation problem and use state of the art technology to build your software

Quality Control

During the quality control stage, we assess the product to ensure it meets all the industry expected benchmark

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