What is industry 4.0 ?

The digital transformation of Manufacturing/Production and related industries and value creation processes

What is Industry 4.0? Here Is an easy explanation for you.

Industry 4.0 means the fourth industrial revolution, where organization utilizes the paradigm shift in connectivity, high computing power at lower cost, and last but not least artificial intelligence.

Like past revolutions which were powered by steam, electricity, and computer this revolution is powered by connectivity and automation.

This way manufacturing units are inter-connected and enable new ways of value creation. Also not to mention real-time optimizations.

Let us understand how industry 4.0 and help your business grow beyond its limits.

Let's say you have a factory producing perishable food items and you have a warehouse where you maintain its stock. with the help of IoT will be able to monitor the real-time stop of any food item at any given time apart from that you will also collect a large amount of data that can be stored using big data technology Later this data can be provided to a machine learning model where a model can predict future stock requirements so that you can ramp up the production without worrying about inventory cost and leftover stock

We have employed some of the above technology for one of our clients

We had seen 5x time reduction and 2X cost saving

Industry 4.0 has many applications and many hurdles to overcome but We feel that for the better, Industry 4.0 will change the World as we know it.

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