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Creating a platform for Schools to store student records and making them accessible to government and non-government organizations in a secure and tamper-proof way. The school will be able to measure and record a student's accomplishments in a secure and tamper-proof way.

Traditionally ERP used to run schools on day-to-day operations is susceptible to system fraud and data manipulation. Due to being controlled by a centralized authority.

Taurus School

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Easy To Use

Tool with minimum learning curve. Any one can quickly learn the software


Store and Access your institute data in a secure manner via latest innovation in cloud technologies


System that adapts your school workflow instead you adapting to our software

Efficiently Manage Student Data

Many school based ERP forget that school administration are overwhelmed with large data entry they have to repeatedly sync school,student, administration data with government and other stakeholder

Pay for only feature that you use

There are lots of apps constantly being build by our Developers but you pay for only apps that you use

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