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Excel is a powerful, efficient and user-friendly application for data storing, calculating, organizing, and report generation purposes. No doubt that this application has become very popular from small-scale industries to corporate organizations as there is a continuous need to access, analyze, retrieve, calculate, manipulate and report real-time data daily.

However, sometimes integrating excel with other applications becomes tedious. Even for many repetitive tasks like Data retrieval, extraction, migration, Import, Export, etc., automation is required to avoid this repetitiveness in any activities.

Automating Excel with Office Script

Although basic automation is possible by writing office scripts as shown below

But it is fairly limited by the options that it provides. Also, you need to manually need to set up the automation every time you change your SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).

In a few cases, it becomes difficult to manage, collaborate, and distribute workload through excel

Our Solution

We have created a unique set of tools and gathered extensive experience in excel automation. Our Budgeting Tools Based on our customer SOP have helped them reduce Budget Planning Time and costs. You can schedule a call to know how (Calendly Link)


✅ Reduce time to maintain your workflow

✅ Transparency to track changes made to your excel template

✅ Approve the proposed budget across the department within no time and parallel setups

✅ Excel cell level validation on steroids!

Services That are across platforms

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